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Special Items Use In PvP Empty Special Items Use In PvP

Post  RazorBlade on Thu Jun 18, 2009 11:24 am

These items may help you in PvP:

Ring of Wizard - a special drop gotten during White Wizard Invasions, which increases damage and attack speed, only one can be carried by a character at a time, and cannot be repaired.

Angel - Increases your max HP by 50 points. Absorbs 20% damage received.

Imp - Increases your attack by 30%. Your character loses 3 HP every time you score a hit.

Unicorn - Increases your defense rate by 30% (you dodge attacks more easily), and also makes you move at the same speed you would when running. It is a mount unit, so you can use the Impale Skill while on it, but you may not enter Atlans or Icarus while riding it.

Dinorant - Created by in the Chaos Machine (using 10 Unicorns and one Jewel of Chaos), the Dinorant is like a combination of the other three guardian items; it allows the wearer to run at the same speed as a unicorn and use the impale skill, absorbs damage like an angel (However, it only absorbs 10% rather than 20% and does not increase hp) and increases damage dealt like an Imp (An increase of only 15%, as compared to the 30% of an imp). It may have extra options, like additional attack speed, more damage absorption and AG increase. It also allows the character to enter Icarus, as an alternative to wings. It comes with a DK-exclusive Raid skill, the only ranged skill a DK can use.

Fenrir (Gold, Black, Blue or Red) -This pet can be used by all classes, the minimum level to use it is level 300. they all have a special skill called Plasma Storm (when used on other players, this can actually lower the durability of their sets), used to hit nearly all monsters in the screen, but has a delay each repetitious time.

Gold Fenrir - Life/Mana 200 increase, Attack Power 33 Increase, Defense Power 16 Increase
Black Fenrir - Increase Final Damage +10%, Increase Speed
Blue Fenrir - Absorb Final Damage +10%, Increase Speed
Red Fenrir - normal.

One-Use Items used in PvP:

Healing Potions - will recover your HP.

Mana Potions - will recover your MP. When your MP depletes, one potion is used automatically.

Heroes Potion - recovers HP and AG. It can also be used to replace SD potions as it also recovers SD.

SD Potion - the newest type of potion that came with Season 2. It is used to restore SD.

Potion of Soul - Has many effects, such as Increase Attack Speed +20, Increase Resistance to Lighting and Ice and Increase Stamina Speed Recovery. This potion is also used in Castle Siege.

Small Complex Potion - Able to be carried in bulks of 25 on a slot , Heals 1 - 2 bars of HP & Heals SD Fully.

Complex Potion - Able to be carred in bulks of 10 on a slot(Not Sure) , Heals 2 - 3 bars of HP & Heals SD Fully.

Large Complex Potion - Able to be carried in bulks of 3 on a slot , Heals 3 - 4 bars of HP & Heals SD Fully.

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