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Post  RazorBlade on Fri Jun 19, 2009 12:30 pm ... re=related
1st Vid was made by some SG guy from global mu months ago, its just a video of the kind of PVP that global has. This is what this server lacks, and NEEDS. ... re=related
this video shows a player versus a GMO GM, who wears a +13 maxed Hyon set, this shows that good gear is NOTHING compared to good skill (and decent gear as well) ... re=related
look at this guy again, raping in castle siege.

Why do I show you these? I just feel that many players who have only played private servers, have not got the chance to experience what PVP can really be. If you are going to tell me ''you like it so much then go GMO lah'', then really, screw that. Are you going to want to keep on playing in a boring server which you can find anywhere else, or do you want to try make this place more active and fun?

Does BK pvp only mean that you spam TS or make the opponent suicide because you have 8million HP?
1. I know that maxed BKs dont combo because spam TS does more DMG output. My point is, there is more to BK PVP. Think about how you fight now, there is only 2 ways, spam skill, or spam Fort, and kill the other person by reflect. So tell me, what makes you any different? Need a better challenge?

2. How would I define BK skill? By how fast you can combo, and in group PVP, if you are able to not miss your target in the chaos. There is also a trick to dodge another BK's combo.

Does SM pvp only mean that you just spam Decay? Know what is telenova, dodging combo?

The whole point of this post is to show how FUN pvp can be. Honestly, there is 0 pvp now. Nobody goes on PK sprees, because the person you are hitting may have 8million hp. Nobody hangs out at gates, only those maxed( and all are BKs, notice the coincidence?) and have nothing to do. everyone else just rushes their resets. Are you getting bored? You spend all your time rushing till you are maxed, and what do you do after that? MU is a game about PVP.

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