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Changing to 3rd Class Empty Changing to 3rd Class

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[Note: You Need To Do Marlon Quest Before You Can Process To 3rd Job Quest]

Hero Status Quest - Marlon

Upon reaching 220 levels of an advanced class Marlon will allow characters to partake in the "Hero Status" Quest.

Quest NPC: Marlon at Devias 198 47 | Atlans 17 25 | Noria 169 89 | Lorencia 137 87. Marlon teleports around these four places.

[Note : Marlon quest must be redone after each level reset]

3rd level Quest

The New Class Quest has 3 steps :

* Level 400
* Have a class of: Blade Master, Soul Master, Muse Elf, Magic Gladiator, Bloody Summoner or Dark Lord
* Have completed the Marlon Quest
Note: If you have made reset then you will need to do the Marlon quest again.

Go to Priest Devin located In Crywolf Map (299 48)
Talk to Devin twice to accept the quest.

1st step:
* Cost: 5 million Zen
* Quest items:
One (1) Flame of DeathBream Knight
One (1) Horns of Hell Maine
One (1) Feathers of Phoenix

Mobs images:
Phoenix of darkness:
DeathBeam Knight:
Hell Maine:

After finding the Quest items, the player must return the items to Priest Devin and accept the second part of the quest.

2dn step:
Go once again to priest Devin
He will ask you to kill the fallowing monsters located in Barracks (28 77).

* Balram (Hero) x (0x20)
* Death Spirit (Hero) x (0x20)
* Soram (Hero) x (0x20)

The monsters mentioned above can be found in whole map.
After killing the monsters in Barracks, the player must return to Priest Devin and proceed with the quest.

3rd step:
Speak To the Priest Devin.He will ask you to visit Refuge Map and kill the monster called Dark Elf.

Return to Priest Devin and proceed with the quest.

After You successfully completed the New Class Quest:

* Blade Knight becomes Blade Master.
* Soul Master becomes Grand Master.
* Muse Elf becomes High Elf.
* Magic Gladiator becomes Duel Master.
* Dark Lord becomes Lord Emperor.
* Bloody Summoner becomes Dimension Master

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