I think we should have a Character Transfer System.

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I think we should have a Character Transfer System. Empty I think we should have a Character Transfer System.

Post  RazorBlade on Thu Jun 18, 2009 12:02 pm

Here's how it works:

1) Getting bored of your old server or want to try a SG server?
2) You want to try our server out, but you're kinda sick of restarting all over again?
3) With the new system, you can transfer part of the data of your character from another server!
4) For example, you have a 100 reset Blade Master on another server, and you wish to transfer it to this server.
5) All you need to do is, print a screenshot, showing your character stats in web login and game. And provide us with the server's details such as, website, exp rates, drop rates etc, characterID etc.
6) We will calculate based on the server's statistics that you came from, and give your character on our server up to 40 resets!
7) Startup Zen will be provided for you to get your items from shop/bok and upgrade them. (2,147,000,000)
Cool Your old server must still be online. No shutdown server. Screenshot must be dated and showing clearly your name and stats.
9) Post only your Screenshots and details under this thread,your character name in this server you want to copy to and your account ID. No spamming allowed here.
10) Only one character transfer allowed.

Details are subjected to changes.

Thank you!

e.g. Server : ZhyperMU
Server Exp : 5000x
Server Drop : 80%
No. of Resets : Around 74

ZhyperMU is still up and running, web : http://www.zhypermu.com

IGN here: Tears

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