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Since Castle Siege is active as of now I thought Maybe a Guide will help players who don't know how to play it.

Castle Siege Basics

1)There is only one Castle in the Valley of Loren.
2)Move to Lorencia (239, 13) to enter the Valley of Loren or Warp there.
3)The Valley of Loren is PVP for all, even if you came from server 1.
4)In Castle Siege event, you can attack your opponents without holding down the CTRL key.

Requirements For CS (Castle Siege)

1)All participating guilds must have a Guild Master that is at least Level 200.
2)All participating guilds must have at least 20 members or more.
3)In order to actually be able to even win the event, a guild must be a part of an alliance.
4)Anyone in the Valley of Loren can join and Kill Any player they please, but these members or guilds can’t win the event themselves.
5)If the guild that holds the castle disbands at anytime, they will forfeit the castle.
6)There can only be three attacking guilds during the event.

How to register for a siege

1)Guilds that meet the requirement must talk to the Guardsman NPC (Valley Of Loren Bridge) and press the "Announce" button and their registration will be accepted.
2)Only the guild master of the main alliance can announce “intent to siege” to the guardsman NPC.
3)All members of a guild that has announced their intent to siege can collect and submit Signs of Lord during the registration period.
4)When the guardsman NPC is clicked, the guild name and allied guilds names rankings will show on the registry.
5)When the guard NPC is clicked Siege status information will be shown.
6)The Guilds are ranked according to several factors, including how many Signs of Lord have been obtained.
7)Only the top 3 guilds and their allies will be given a priority for the siege.
Formula For Ranking:

Registration Ranking = ((Number of registered Signs of Lord * 5) + Number of Guild Members) + Level of Guild Master /4

So For Example Sean's Alliance Wants to join Castle Siege so He register 10 Sign Of Lords.

Sean is LVL 400
His Guild has 80 members

[ (10 x 5) + 80] + 400 / 4 = 530/4 = 132

Siege Status:

Truce Period: Starts from the end of siege till the start of the next siege. Alliances can only be forged during this time!

Siege Registration Announcement: Time for guilds to announce their intentions to attack the castle

Registration period: Time to compete for the top 3 slots for the siege by using Signs of Lord to enhance their ranking

Announcement of Qualified Guilds: Announces guilds that have been accepted into Castle Siege.

Seige Start: Starting time for Castle Siege

Siege Battle Basics

When the the guild registration is complete, the invading team and their allies will have a sword icon and defending and their allies will have a shield icon.

1)PK does not apply to the guilds of the invading and defending team.
2)Number 1 is only effective in the Valley Of Loren
3)The Guild Masters will have a crown mark on the top instead of sword or shield mark.
4)Neutral characters will not be marked as attackers or defenders.
5)Guild registration/withdrawal during the battle is not allowed.

Siege Players

1)The invading team will have a sword icon and the defending team will have a shield on top of their character.
2)The guild master will have a crown icon instead of sword or shield. (A blue crown for the defending team and a red one for invading team)

Neutral characters can attack while pressing [CTRL].

Basic Policy and Winning conditions
1)The alliance under the invading/defending team will automatically be sorted into each invading/defending team.
2)Attacking your own troops is possible by pressing Ctrl key, as well as certain spells will cause damage to your own allies.
3)Range attack can give 80% reduced damage to your own troops and 60% reduced damage for other troops.
4)To win Castle Siege, the guild master's official seal should be registered in the pedestal located at the dragon tower, and if it is successfully registered, the lord of the castle is updated with the player who registered.
5)Only the guild master can register the official seal in the pedestal.
6)To register, press it for 30 seconds and if the 2 switches that are needed for stamping are canceled or the character gets killed, the registration will fail.
7)If there's remaining time, even if the registration was successful, the battle will continue but the 2 camps of invading/defending team will be exchanged.
8)The guild with their official seal registered at the end of the siege will become the lords of the castle.
9)The guild that owns the castle (including the alliance) can warp into the Valley of Loren to go the castle*.

Benefits From Being Lord Of The Castle

1)Land Of Trials/Dare Devil/Dormor can be available to All or just the Alliance. The Decision is up to the Lord of The Castle.
2)Your Guild Sign Will Be On The Flags On Your Castle


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