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Post  w0lv3rin3 on Mon May 25, 2009 8:18 am

hi again admin i have this little ideas in my mind and i would share it to all of you especially to you sir admin.. here it goes i would like to suggest that in every char has a 100 or 150 reset they can exchange for a 1 piece or part of a set like they can choose excellent dragon armor + 9/+10/+11 + LUCK+ 2 option of their choice in that case one char can get 1 xcelent item but not a set he/she will train again and get more reset to get another piece of set he want... after they exchange of their reset the stat will be reseted to normal all points and reset will be gone... for the wing 2nd lvl or 3rd lvl wing can be 250 reset or 300 so wing + luck+9/+10/+11+ option they want.. hope this little ideas can be counted... hope other player can agree with this or they can give some comments with this one....

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